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Salvaging boats and ships constitutes an important aspect of our activities. We take on all types of rescue operations; whether it be ships, boats or other equipment which is submerged in the sea, lakes or rivers.


Wilson Muuga - 102.5m in length and 15.5m in width
The ship was recovered from where it ran aground by Hvalnes on Reykjanes peninsula in 2007. The operation was conducted in cooperation with the Árni Kópsson Diving Services, Guðmundur Ásgeirsson, chairman of the board of directors and owner of Nesskip, and Hjörtur Emilsson, shipping engineer with Navis-Feng engineering agency.

The tugboat Auðunn from Keflavík
The tugboat Auðunn sank while taking part in rescue operations just outside Sandgerði harbour. Auðunn was assisting the trawler Sóley Sigurjóns which had run aground in the harbour approach channel. About the time when Sóley broke free, Auðunn was pulled onto its side and finally capsized and sank at a depth of around 4-6m. Two people had a narrow escape and were rescued.

The rescue operation took only 8 hours from the time rescue equipment arrived at the scene and until Auðunn was once more afloat by the pier side. No serious damage to the hull was incurred. The rescue operation was 100% successful. (See pictures)
Over the past 14 years we have recovered over 20 boats from the sea floor.



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